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Outdoor access Nodes NSBox
Enclosures NSB-xxx
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Din-Rail Power Supplies

Ethernet over PDH/SDH
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Our new products

Explosion-proof enclosures
NSBox-4042E  Explosion-proof

PoE Extender NRP-172PRi
NRP-172PRi Extender | The best

NSBox Heating
NSBox Heating  for enclosure
Solutions and components for Outdoor Video Surveillance systemsNSGate Surveillance

   Outdoor Video Surveillance systems


Fiber Optic data transmission systems
from IP cameras to any distance

Wired data transmission systems
via twisted pair or coaxial cable

   Original NSGate's Products and solutions

Outdoor Access Nodes NSBox Outdoor UPS
Outdoor access Nodes Uninterruptible Outdoor Power Supplies

Outdoor access Nodes NSBox-ICE Outdoor access Nodes NSBox-NVR
Cabinets with installed Thermoelectric Cooler Cabinets and NSBox with installed NVR

Outdoor access Nodes NSBox Outdoor access Nodes NSBox


Solar Powered Cabinets and access Nodes
NSBox with imbedded 4G LTE Router

Outdoor access Nodes NSBox


NSBon-42 SandStorm
Explosion-proof access Nodes Thermoelectric Coolers for harsh environments

NSBox Heating NSBox Cooling
Compact Fan Heater for enclosure Thermoelectric Coolers

NSBox Lighting
NSBox Venting NSBox Lighting
Vandal-proof Filter Fan The most compact Lighting kit for enclosure

NSBox Lightning NSBox Lightning
Surge Protector inside the enclosure Weatherproof Surge Protector

   Industrial network components


Industrial PoE Extenders and Injectors
NIS-3500/NIS-3200 NRP and NIP series
Industrial Switches Industrial PoE Extenders and Injectors