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Explosion-proof enclosures
NSBox-4042E  Explosion-proof

PoE Extender NRP-172PRi
NRP-172PRi Extender | The best

NSBox Heating
NSBox Heating  for enclosure
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Who we are

  NSGate is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality Ethernet Access Equipment. Since founded in 2003 we're offering to customer only reliable equipment for Telecom and security industries, including solutions for outdoor applications.
  Our solutions are based on real applications in corporate, municipal and federal projects. For example, the largest furniture retailer IKEA uses our equipment and solutions for the security of IKEA's stores all over Russia. Hundreds of different companies in Russia & CIS do the same.
  The priority segment of the field of our activity are outdoor Video Surveillance Systems. Standard products like video cameras, storage and display devices, widely represented on the market, are not included in this segment. We are interested in providing reliable operation of outdoor video cameras, a key element in any security system. We devise and offer network solutions for Industrial applications and some vital products for outdoor Video Surveillance Systems.

Outdoor Access Nodes NSBox

Products for outdoor Video Surveillance Systems:
Outdoor access Nodes NSBox to provide reliable power supply, reliable data transmission channel and
    a surge protection to the block of video cameras connected to this node;
NSBox family Products: NSBox-UPS, NSBox-ICE, NSBox-NVR, NSBox-SUN, NSBox-LTE;
Unique microclimate components for equipping enclosures in outdoor video surveillance systems:
    Heating, Cooling, Venting, Lighting, Lightning;
Industrial network components like PoE Switches, PoE Injectors, Ethernet Extenders, surge protection
    units for power circuits and Ethernet ports.

Our Telecom products cover three main fields of services:
Ethernet over PDH/SDH: Low cost network converters between G.703 (E1, E2, E3) and Ethernet;
Ethernet over xDSL: xDSL bridge/modems/routers;
Ethernet over Fiber: Various Fiber Optic equipment including media converters and multiplexers.

Outdoor Access Nodes NSBox