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NSBox Heating
NSBox Heating  for enclosure
Compact Fan Heater NSBox Heating  Brief
Microclimate componentsOutdoor Video Surveillance systems
> Low surface temperature> The compact Design> DIN Rail mounting
> High air through-flow > Long service life > Energy Efficiency

Fan Heater NSBox Heating. Microclimate components

  The compact high-performance fan heater prevents formation of condensation and provides an evenly distributed interior air temperature in enclosures. It has clip for DIN Rail mounting
  The heating element is made on the basis of a self-regulating cable. The temperature of the heating element does not exceed 65C, which ensures maximum safety and energy efficiency. The original design of the cable fastening does not allow individual turns to touch each other, which allows maintaining the maximum heat transfer.
  The heater and fan are connected to the electrical circuit using two screw terminals. It is possible to separate the power circuits of the heater and the fan and use the fan together with the heater or separately in the cooling / ventilation modes of the enclosure.
  The NSBox Heating is suitable for all types of panels and enclosures.

NSBox Heating

Technical Data :
Operating voltage: 220 - 240VAC
Heating element: Self-regulating Heating Cable
Surface temperature: max. 65C
Heating Capacity: 60-80W
Service life: 50,000 h at 25C
Axial fan: Ball bearing; Air flow 46 CFM
Mounting: clip for 35mm DIN Rail
Fitting position: Variable
Connection: 2-pole clamp
Operating Temp.: -40 to +70C
Protection type: IP20
Dimensions: 50120150mm; Weight: 0.53kg

NSBox Heating

'NSBox Heating' modes of operation Control module
H1V1Heater and Fan contacts
 Heater and Fan are switched on together when
the temperature inside the cabinet is below 5C.
Thermostat NC / 5C x1


Heater and Fan contacts
are not combined
 Heater and Fan are switched on together when
the temperature inside the cabinet is below 5C.
 Only Fan is switched on when the temperature
inside the cabinet is above 50C.
Thermostat NC / 5C x2
Thermostat NO / 50C x1

Ordering Information
NSBon-18FH75AC22Compact Fan Heater for enclosure. NSBox Heating. DIN Rail mounting
NSBon-18-1FH75AW22Compact Fan Heater for enclosure. NSBox Heating. Wall mounting