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Weatherproof UPS NSBox-UPS-xx  Brief
  Uninterruptible Outdoor Power Supplies (UPS)
> The compact Design> Output 12, 24, 48VDC (24, 48V PoE); 24VAC, 220VAC 
> Microclimate System > Ready for adding yours equipment  

  NSBox-UPS-xx uninterruptible power supplies are devised to provide a reliable operation of outdoor video surveillance and access control systems, wireless networks and other monitoring and control systems. The unit is mounted in enclosure with IP66 protection and ideally suited for video cameras and access points located outdoors.
  The basic kit includes the original UPS with batteries 7Ah or 12Ah, a mounting plate with DIN-Rails, terminal blocks, a circuit breaker, a set of sealed cable glands and the microclimate system (Fan Heater, thermostats).
  NSBox-UPS-xx is a completed product for installation and operation in the most adverse environmental conditions with wall or pillar mount. The unit provides running of the load during AC power failure, provides battery charge and battery protection from deep discharge, protects the load from a short circuit and excess output voltage.
  The main distinguishing feature of these units is the possibility of installing any additional equipment inside the cabinet, which already has the microclimate system. These can be PoE switches, PoE injectors, cellular Gateway, any registration or monitoring systems.

Technical Data :
Input voltage: 100 ~ 240VAC
Protection type: IP66
Operating Temp.: -40 to +50°C
Mounting: wall or pillar mount
Microclimate System
Output voltage: 12, 24, 48VDC (24, 48V PoE); 24VAC, 220VAC
Battery protection from deep discharge and short circuit
Output 48VDC: Nominal output voltage 55VDC, Rated load current 5.0A,
            Battery charge current 0.7A, isolation voltage 42VDC
Dimensions / weight (with battery 4x 7Ah): 380x380x210 mm / 15 kg

Uninterruptible Outdoor Power Supplies (UPS) NSBox-UPS

Ordering Information
NSBox-UPS-500378Outdoor UPS with microclimate system, Output: 48VDC-500VA, 4x 7Ah
NSBox-UPS-360378Outdoor UPS with microclimate system, Output: 48VDC-360VA, 4x 7Ah
NSBox-UPS-240378Outdoor UPS with microclimate system, Output: 48VDC-240VA, 4x 7Ah
NSBox-UPS-155378Outdoor UPS with microclimate system, Output: 48VDC-155VA, 4x 7Ah
NSBox-UPS-155374Outdoor UPS with microclimate system, Output: 24VDC-155VA, 4x 7Ah
NSBox-UPS-155372Outdoor UPS with microclimate system, Output: 12VDC-155VA, 4x 7Ah
NSBox-UPS-50A678Outdoor UPS with microclimate system, Output: 220VAC-300VA + 48VDC-500VA, 4x 7Ah